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  • JIT training catalog survey_April 2013.docx  (198.47 KB)

    NRT Training Subcommittee DATA Capture

    The NRT Training Subcommittee is asking for input. Please see the attached document to provide your awareness of any local, State/Territorial or Regional training that may be offered in the next year. Their goal is to develop an online location for inputting and sharing this type of information that would allow partner agencies to be aware and benefit from training opportunities. The document has detailed instructions and points of contact where to send the information once it is complete. Until this can be a more web-based automated process, an annual data call is planned. The NRT Training Subcommittee Mission: Mission The mission of the NRT Training Subcommittee is to identify current and emerging national training needs and coordinate existing oil and hazmat spill training at the Federal, State, and local levels. Major Objectives In pursuit of its mission, the NRT Training Subcommittee implements activities designed to: * Coordinate interagency National Response System (NRS) and Emergency Support Function (ESF) #10 training. * Identify current and emerging national training needs to improve oil and hazmat preparedness and response for the NRS. * Identify and promote efficient, state-of-the-art approaches and programs to fulfill current and emerging training needs. The goal is to develop format for a “playbook” or catalog of which agencies—including specific agency POCs—are able to provide JIT training, how they are able to do so, and what kind of platform they have to support such training.