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Regional Response Team Meetings

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    December 2014

  • ORRT_Agenda_DRAFT_11JUL12v1.docx  (143.42 KB)

    July 2012 ORRT Agenda

    Greetings. Attached is the first draft for the 11 July Oceania Regional Response Team Meeting, hosted from Hawaii. Of note and yet to be determined are the specific locations for the remote participation. We will be providing that information but wanted you the SAVE THE DATE on your calendars. Please review the agenda and if there are items of concern that are NOT LISTED that SHOULD BE, please contact CDR Marty Smith or CDR Bill Robberson at the e-mail addresses listed below. This will be a quick turn-around for this agenda, so please provide feedback and encourage participation by the RRT Agencies in your locations. We have enjoyed a great deal of success these last two meetings, we would like to build on that momentum. EXECUTIVE STEERING COMMITTEE: Our first ever Executive Steering Committee meeting will be convened in June, using Adobe Connects as a means of familiarizing others in how to use the system, and to identify in advance, any potential problems as we move forward. The ESC Charter is located on the website which can be reached using the link below, and we look forward to your input into the ORRT Agenda and Operations Manual. These Agency Representitives are: Environmental Protection Agency Coast Guard (Including CG Sector Honolulu) U. S. Dept of Interior State of Hawai'i Dept of Health National Marine Fisheries Service U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service NOAA Scientific Support Coordinator HAWAI'I: Since this meeting will be hosted in Hawai'i, we invite THOSE Response Agencies who would participate in a WORST CASE DISCHARGE to attend on the 10th in an I-402, ICS For Executives course, followed by a Facilitated Workshop in the afternoon. One of the Objectives of the afternoon activity is to get those who are KEY DECISION MAKERS and AGENCY REPRESENTATIVES that attend the morning session, in the room to better identify Roles and Responsibilities as well as identify SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS who would fill key positions in a response organization to a WORST CASE DISCHARGE as described in the Hawai'i Area Contingency Plan. Thank you! Marty Smith
  • DRAFT - ORRT_OPSMAN.docx  (180.01 KB)

    2012 OPSMAN

    Aloha! From Hawaii...soon to be Talofa from American Samoa! Looking forward to seeing old friends this next week at the ORRT Meeting and at the Area Committee Meeting! Attached to this notice is the final draft of our Operations Manual for this year. Please come to the Meeting On Thursday with any ideas, corrections, additions or concerns. Safe travels everyone and we'll see you soon. One last item by way of reminding everyone that while we have the ability to log in remotely, we don't want to lose the synergy and collaboration that is fostered by gathering in common locations. Check the agenda that went out again last week, we have four locations set up to accommodate you. Thank you! -Marty Smith
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    Updated Meeting Summary from October 2011, ORRT meeting in Guam.
  • HazmatSpecialTeams.pdf  (1.29 MB)

    Special Teams Handbook