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American Samoa

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  • ORRT Agenda APR 2012 ver 5 final.pdf  (125.12 KB)

    ORRT April Meeting

    To All Oceania Regional Response Team (ORRT) Members and Participants: This is a friendly reminder that the Oceania Regional Response Team (ORRT) will convene in American Samoa on Tuesday through Thursday, April 10-12, 2012. In addition to the standing ORRT meeting on Thursday (4/12) of next week, the ORRT will also sponsor some Incident Command System training and a Tabletop Exercise on April 11th; and on April 10th the US Coast Guard Sector Honolulu will hold an Area Committee Meeting for the American Samoa Area Contingency Plan. Details on these events are as follows: Tuesday: April 10, 2012: USCG Sector Honolulu will conduct an American Samoa Area Committee meeting, beginning at 0900 at the Lee Auditorium Extension. All ORRT and local response community members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Members of the ORRT from Coast Guard D14 and US EPA will also be attending this meeting. Wednesday: April 11, 2012: The ORRT is sponsoring ICS-402, an ICS for Executives training, starting at 0900 hrs in the second floor conference room at Sadie’s by the Sea. This will be an all day (0900 to 1600, lunch on your own) training course divided into two parts – the morning will be devoted to a NIMS/ICS overview to review basic ICS functions and doctrine. The afternoon session is a facilitated discussion based on a scenario involving a diesel fuel spill into Pago Pago Harbor from an inbound tank vessel. We hope to facilitate the development of the organizational structure and staffing for a multi-agency response to a type 3 incident and, more importantly, to encourage discussion among the American Samoa responders about authorities, roles and responsibilities. Thursday: April 12, 2012: The ORRT will hold a Standing RRT meeting, also in the second floor conference room at Sadie’s by the Sea. Start time is 1100 hours (local) to accommodate our colleagues from other locations. Please see the agenda for more information about the teleconference line and the "Adobe Connects" online portion of the meeting to share presentations. Meeting Locations: Because this meeting will be hosted from American Samoa, we encourage RRT participants from the other Islands to meet together to promote group dialogue, thus remote locations for the teleconference and online portions will be provided in Guam, Saipan and in Honolulu. However, please note that the online connection can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a computer. USCG District Fourteen will host the Honolulu location at the PJKK Federal Building in the ECR on the 9th Floor. Guam and Saipan were requested to locally coordinate and publish your locations for those participants who will attend with you. EPA Region 9 will also be hosting a location in our Emergency Operations Center at 75 Hawthorne in San Francisco. Please call ahead to Mr. Mike Ardito (415 972-3081) to arrange for an escort into the EPA Region 9 EOC. Presentations: If you have presentations, such as Coast Guard Sector Guam and Coast Guard Sector Honolulu, please e-mail your presentations to,, or and we will ensure that they are ready to share at the ORRT meeting on Thursday, 12 March. Time Zones: Please check the schedule for times and be aware that Hawaii is three hours earlier than the West Coast of the Mainland, four hours in Pago Pago, and the dateline will make it Friday, April 13th in Apia, Western Samoa and in Guam and CNMI. Please note the timezone differences in your location. Thank you, and we hope to see or hear you all soon!